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Impact and Reach

As an Environmental News & Data Platform, we aim to illustrate the repercussions of climate change on the human habitat with power data journalism using web and social media to reach global audiences. 

By extracting powerful insights from data and making this understandable for a wide audience, even for kids, we bring climate change science alive and reach new audiences. Our aim – to be ‘the BBC of environmental news’.

What we do makes a real difference. We are fighting for climate justice and action. We are helping Conservation NGOs and to safeguard wildlife – including endangered species – from threats such as habitat loss and poaching. We are working hard to educate and inform diverse audiences, in order to overcome temporal conceptualisation difficulties and the issue of ‘baseline shifting’. But we can’t do it alone: our successes are only possible due to our volunteers, partners, readers and the generosity of our supporters.

Together we can stir action and make a big impact.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

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Our Readership
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Remaining Wilderness (%)
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