‘Open Source’ Data Science Projects – Get involved

Earth.Org invites passionate Data Scientists around the world to help out with their time and effort on the projects we’d love to tackle.

We have a range of projects that we will always publish that anyone with the skills knowledge and passion can contact us to work on.

These include Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Machine learning, Data Visualisation work.

Project 1: Shifting Baselines

Show the difference in perceived:

Between three successive generations in a location of your choice to show the shift in standards.

Project 2: Water Scarcity and Desalination

Map the presence of desalination plants over a “water scarcity by country” map. The WRI’s Aqueduct project may be useful for this.  

Project 3: Total Distance Covered By Humans Every Year

Measure how distance is covered by humans in total each year.

Project 4: Cataloguing Carbon

Identify and break down where all the carbon on earth is stored.

Project 5: Extreme Events

Extreme weather events of different magnitudes have usually have a “1 in x hundred years” chance of occurring. Look at the frequency of extreme events of a certain type over time and assess whether it is occurring more or less frequently than it should.

Project 6: The Death Toll of Climate Change

Make a high-low estimate of climate change’s death toll (direct and indirect deaths) by the end of the century. Please provide methodology and rationale.

Project 7: The Cost of Emissions

Based on an available carbon pricing scheme of your choice, calculate the cost of carbon emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

Optional: Compare to the wealth created during the same period.


Collaborate on Research

Skill Level

Develop key skills such as:

  • Dead-line oriented project design and research
  • Data acquisition and visualization
  • Compelling story-writing
10-20 hours a week
  • Discover ways to apply your acquired skill set to data journalism
  • Learn how to leverage your knowledge and techniques to raise awareness
10-20 hours a week
Post-graduate / Professional
  • A chance to contribute to a meaningful mission
  • A platform to bring your powerful stories to the public
  • Add to your online portfolio
5-10 hours a week


If you’d like to get involved and contribute your time to help us extract powerful insights from data to make impacts – please contact us via the form below.

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